Silvius Leopold Weiss

The Moscow Lute Manuscript (T.Crawford)

An excellent piece of writing on the historical and technical aspects of the Moscow manuscipt. To my knowledge, Tim Crawford's research is the only one accessible to the public


About the London & Dresden manuscripts

(T.Crawford, SL Weiss Congress, Freiburg, September 1992)


Tim Crawford's research

a summary of Tim Crawford’s research on Weiss


Richard Civiol's page : Moscow, Varsaw, Dresden & Vienna manuscripts.

You can download several lute tablature included Weiss manuscript listed 


Alain Veylit's page : The Moscow manuscript

We can download the Manuscript of Moscow in tablature available in pdf file (Warning : 1.45 Mo). A midi version is also available.


The London Manuscript by Jean-Daniel Forget

Jean-Daniel Forget realize a superb work of transcription of the London manuscript in tablature, modern notation and midi file.


David Charlton's page

a very good biography of Weiss, based on Douglas A.Smith’s work


A Poet's Description of the Lute Playing of Silvius Leopold Weiss and a Possible Link Between Weiss and David Kellner by Kenneth Spar

Malspina Great Books from Russell McNeil - Weiss

a whole page of links to other sites devoted to Weiss bibliographies and discographies, set in a particularly rich and interesting site

Other lute composers links

JS Bach and the lute

by  Michael Stitt. this page is part of guitar-player M.Stitt’s outstanding site devoted to Bach.


JS Bach's lute works

by your truly. A description of B's "lute works" as well as a suggested discography of the said works, together with transcriptions for the lute and the guitar.


JS Bach's lute works

by Dave J.Grossman. Each BWV reference is detailed and even contains source reference if it is a transcription.


John Dowland

John Dowland

by Gérard Boudet. Offers a large number of midi files and "readable" scores.



François Dufault and his influence on musicians outside France

by Tim Crawford


Adamo Falckenhagen

by Emma Rooksby (site closed ?)


Adamo Falckenhagen

by Joachim Domming (site closed ?)


David Kellner

by Kenneth Sparr


The French lute players

and French lute music in Sweden by Kenneth Sparr


Francesco da Milano

yet another great figure of lute music (site closed ?)


Sixteenth-Century Lute composers

by the Duke University


Gérard Rebours' site

This eminent specialist in Robert de Visée offers finally an outline to us of his work

Lute links

Evolution of the lute

to the Baroque period, through a bibliography, a critical discography and several link. (site closed ?)


Guitar Foundation of America’s page

dedicated to the lute and the ancient guitar. This page contains some very good links, especially those linking to the sites of the principal lute societies throughout the world.


Lute Online

a single site offering the bases of the training of the lute (reading of tablature, lessons...)


The "harpsichord-lute"

by Handen Houben. At long last a page is devoted to this strange instrument forgotten.


Lute and dictionary

an interesting curiosity (site closed ?)


Guitar and lute

by Allan Alexander : tablatures and a brief history of the lute


Pamphlets on the lute and the guitar (site closed ?)

Editions Orphée’s online magazine devoted to the guitar and the lute

A lute page reserved for guitar-players

or how to convert a guitar-player to playing the lute


Arto Wikla's page

a very good personal site. Many pages of increasing richness.


Federico Marincolas's page

an unusual personal site, with an important link page, software, a chatroom...


A little history of the lute

by Christian Farine. This new-comer on the net wishes to make contact and share his passion with other lute-players. (site closed ?)


An iconography of the lute

by Wayne Cripps


The lute repertoire by Christophe Bernard. Despite the « under construction since 28/1/97 » sign, this particularly ambitious work deserves attention. (site closed ?)

Lute players

Robert Barto

Paul Beier

Michel Cardin

Raymond Cousté and Vincea McClelland

Michael Dücker

Michel Falèze

Roland Ferrandi

Jan Grüter

Lutz Kirchhof

Andrew Maginley

Soprano-Lute Duo with Alfonso Marin (lute) and Valeria Mignaco (soprano)

Paul O'Dette

Louis Pernot

Toyohiko Satoh

Valery Sauvage

Thomas Schall

Miguel Serdoura

Hopkinson Smith

Trio de Luth Arabe

Lute Academies and societies

French Lute Society

a particularly interesting site with one of the richest link pages


The Nouvelle-France Lute Society


The English Lute Society

Belgian Lute Academy

German Lute Society

Swedish Guitar & Lute Society (SGLS)

The Lute Society of America

Selected music-devoted data banks


by Christophe LeGall. Best music informations bank.


ABC Musique

Alphabetical of the music



A portal entirely devoted to the classical music


Société Française de Musicologie (French Musicology Society)

Références en Musicologie

by Marie-Laure Ingelaere and Jean-Marc Warszawski


Musée picturale de la guitare

by François Hirsch


Musique et son : this site is not a search engine per se, but it constitutes an outstanding data base

Suggestions for other sites ?

    Before submitting a web site or a page, you must know that I am only looking for those dedicated to SL Weiss, other lute composers (JS Bach doesn’t belong to this category unless you find a site or page entirely devoted to his lute work), to the lute in general and to search engines and data bases entirely devoted to music.

    I will make the selection myself. I know it is a subjective choice, but I have to do it. My choice will rely on the quality and the pertinence of the site, not on its presentation and ergonomy, even if I allow myself to mention what I feel is inadequate.

    If you have a site to suggest, please indicate by  e-mail :

          • Its name
          • Its url
          • your name (if you want it to appear)
          • A brief description
    I will pay a visit to the site and will get back to you to let you know if I intend to include it or not. In the latter case, I will let you know why I haven’t selected it.


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