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The rarity of the sources is apt to discourage any amateur willing to acquire further information.

We are happy to be able to present Michel Cardin's texts on the London manuscript (at the moment English only). They give his insights in the music of the London manuscripts and different aspects of Weiss's lute music: 'London unveiled'

The only work, that is available online to my knowledge, is Tim Crawford’s "The Moscow Weiss Manuscript".

We could add David Charlton’s biographic page, which is a good synthesis of Weiss’ life. David Charlton mentions in his bibliography Douglas A.Smith’s "The Late Sonatas of Silvius Leopold Weiss" (PhD dissertation (May 1977).

The booklets contained in the CDs are particularly interesting. As if the lack of documents had incited the authors to be clearer, more detailled - which is rather infrequent, you will agree with me. It is to be noted that Claude Chauvel lets his passion take over - to our full enjoyment - and that Michel Cardin proves to be extremely precise concerning the pieces he records.

Still, I need your help.

Many of the following works or articles are no longer available but one never knows, with a bit of luck... The most recent research you will find in the Journals of the LSA, that are currently published by Douglas Alton Smith and Frank Legl.

Année d'édition
Ernst Gottlieb Baron Historical research - theory and practice of the lute à Nüremberg
I could not find a new edition of this book but I would be interested to know where to get it
Raymond Burley Anthology of selected pieces, S Weiss Mainz ; Schott, Londres
English and German preface. Transcription for the guitar
Ruggero Chiesa Intavolatura di liuto, S.L.Weiss.
trascrizione in notazione moderna di Ruggero Chiesa dall'originale del British Museum
Eidizioni Suvini Zerboni, Milano
Réédité en 1985
Italian, English, French and German preface. 28 suites and 41 varied pieces from the British Museum
Timothy Crawford The Moscow "Weiss" manuscript : M.I. Glinka State Central Museum of Musical Culture, MS 282/8 : formerly at the P.I. Tchaikowsky State Conservatory, MS 297
Monuments of the lutenist art, vol.1
Editions Orphee, Colombus, Ohio
Transcription and arrangement in modern notation as well as AR's transcription for the guitar. To have an overview. To order.
Joseph Klima Silvius Leopold Weiss, 1686-1750. Kompositionen für die Laute. The lute archives in Vienna Marienzersdorf on Vienna
List of sources and themes as a complement to Hans Neemann work "The Weiss luth players family" included in "Archiv für Musikforschung" (Archives for musical research)
Wilton Elman Mason The Lute Music of Silvius Leopold Weiss  
PhD dissertation, Chapel Hill, N.C.
Hans Neemann Die Lautenhandschriften von Silvius Leopold Weiss in der Bibliothek Werner Wolffheim, Berlin  
Included in the "Review for the knowledge of music" ("Zeitschrift für Musikwissenschaft")
Hans Neemann Die Lautenistenfamilie Weiss  
included in "Archiv für Musikforschung" (Archives for musical research)
Ulrike Neu Harmonik und Affektgestaltung in den Lautenkompositionen von Silvius Leopold Weiß  


Doctoral thesis, Frankfurt (Main)
Karl Prusik Kompositionen des Lautenisten Sil. Leop. Weiß  
Doctoral thesis, Vienne
Wolfgang Reich 34 Suiten fur Laute solo, S.L.Weiss Zentralantiquariat der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik, Leipzig
Facsimile of Dresden Mus.2841-V-1 and a critical commentary by Wolfgang Reich
Douglas Alton Smith The late sonatas of Silvius Leopold Weiss Doctoral thesis
The doctoral thesis of D.A. Smith
Douglas Alton Smith (ed) Journal of the LSA Vol. XXXI, 1998 Lute Society of America
Articles by Frank Legl and Douglas Alton Smith on the biography of Silvius Leopold Weiss
Douglas Alton Smith (ed) Journal of the LSA Vol. XXXII, 1999 Lute Society of America
Articles by Vaclav Kapsa, Claire Madl, Douglas Alton Smith, Francesca Vacca and Jerzy Zak on different aspects of Weiss's biography (Prague: The Hartigs, Anthoni of Adlersfeld; Dresden, Rome)
Douglas Alton Smith (ed) Journal of the LSA Vol. XXXIII, 2000 Lute Society of America
Articles by Jiri Cepelak and Robert Lundberg on the Lutes of Weiss
Hans Volkmann Silvius Leopold Weiss, Der letzte große Lautenist  
Included in the journal "Die Musik"
Silvius Leopold Weiss Sämtliche Werke
Vol. 1-4: The London manuscript
Vol. 5-6: The Dresden manuscript
Peters, Frankfurt & London
Bärenreiter Verlag
1983-1990 (ed. D.A. Smith)
2003 (ed. Tim Crawford)
Complete works for lute in tablature (facsimile) and transcription (planned 10 Vol.)


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