The Incipits of Breitkopf's Thematic Catalogue, Supplement IV, 1769

The Breitkopf-Incipits from 1769 of the Partitas for liuto solo
by Silvius Leopold Weiss

This pages show the Breitkopf-Incipits of the Partitas for liuto solo by S.L.Weiss. They are presented here with their concordances (including the Smith-numbers and precise source indications) and indication of the suites (with Smith-Crawford-numbers).

If other concordances are known, I would appreciate to hear of it, so that I can change the table.

I want to say thanks to Breitkopf & Härtel, Wiesbaden, who friendly permitted to publish the incipits here. As well I have to say thanks to Ralf Bachmann and Tim Crawford for their encouragement, important additions and corrections.

The Incipits are presented here with the kind permission of Breitkopf & Härtel, Wiesbaden.

  Copyright © 1998-2006 Laurent Duroselle, Markus Lutz

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