The Moscow Manuscript

This manuscript can be donwloaded (pdf file) in Alain Veylit's page (1,45 Mo)

In 1941, this manuscript was transferred from the State Music Academy PI Tchaïkovsky in Moscow to the Music Library in the Central State Museum for Musical Culture MI Glinla in Moscow (today the Glinka Museum).

This manuscript was only revealed to the Western world in 1963. It is known now, thanks to the analysis of the paper, that it was not written by Weiss and not in Dresden, but in Russia approximately ten years after his death.

A number of pieces are of dubious origin and still subject to open debate. In his work "The Moscow ‘Weiss’ Manuscript", (Orphée 494-02144, 1995) Tim Crawford sheds an interesting light on the subject. He also warns the reader that some pieces he subjectively attributes to Weiss.

The Moscow Manuscrip can range third in importance after those of London and Dresden. All the more so as it contains a number of pieces of great quality and some which are truly unique.

NB : Details appearing only in this manuscript are underlined

Prelludi in d-minor

Prelludium  in d-minor

Smith 241

Andantino in d-minor Smith 238 1r
Polonose in d-minor Smith 428 1v
Corente in d-minor Smith 429 2r
Allegro in d-minor Smith 430 2v
Menuet and Trio in F-Major Smith 431 3v
Paysane and Trio in F-Major Smith 433 3v
Menuet in D-Major Smith 434 4r
Bourée in d-minor Smith 435 4v
Allegro in a-minor Smith 436 4v
Polonose Smith 437 5r
Polonose Smith 438 5r
Partitta, signor Weiss (g-minor) Andante Smith 439 5v
Courente Smith 440 5v
Gigue Smith 441 6r
Paisane Smith 442 6v
Polonose Smith 443 6v
Prelludium in D-Major Smith 11 7r
Courente in D-Major Smith 444 7v
Partitta, signor Weiss (G-Major) Andante Smith 445 8v
Courente Smith 446 8v
Bourrée Smith 447 9r
Sarabande Smith 448 9r
Menuet Smith 449 9r
Presto Smith 450 9v
Allegro in d-minor Smith 427 9v
Prellud in d-minor Smith 451 10r
Courante in d-minor Smith 249 10v
Allegro in F-Major Smith 186 11v
Galanterie piesse in f-minor Smith 452 12r
Allegro in G-Major Smith 141 12v
Duetto primo in G-Major

Duetto secundo in G-Major

Smith 453 13v


Presto in B flat Major Smith 454 14v
(suite) in F-Major Andantino Smith 455 15v
Courente Smith 456 15v
Bourée Smith 457 16r
Polonose Smith 458 16r
Gigue Smith 459 16v
Vivace in d-minor Smith 460 17v
Courente in d-minor Smith 461 18v
Prelludium in g-minor Smith 462 19v
Courente/u> in g-minor Smith 463 19v
Bourée in d-minor Smith 464 20v
Andante in F-Major Smith 465 21r
Presto in d-minor Smith 466 21v
Menuett in d-minor Smith 467 22v
Alternati in D-Major Smith 468 23r
Sarabande in a-minor Smith 265 23v


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