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His life   All the known facts about his life, in detail
His works
- The London Manuscript :

Manuscript details by Michel Cardin

Suite n1S-C 1

Suite n2S-C 2

Suite n3S-C 3

Suite n4S-C 5

Suite n5S-C 7

Suite n6S-C 10

Suite n7S-C 11

Suite n8S-C 12

Suite n9S-C 13

Suite n10S-C 15

Suite n11S-C 16

Suite n12S-C 17

Suite n13S-C 18

Suite n14S-C 19

Suite n15S-C 21

Suite n16S-C 22

Suite n17S-C 23

Suite n18S-C 24

Suite n19S-C 25

Suite n20S-C 26

Suite n21S-C 27

Suite n22S-C 28

Suite n23S-C 29

Suite n24S-C 30

Suite n25S-C 31

Suite n26S-C 32

Solo pieces

Solo pieces II

Ensemble suites

- The Dresden Manuscript (Ms details)
- The Moscow Manuscript (Ms dtails)
- The Haslemere Manuscript (Ms dtails)
- The Salzburg Manuscript (Ms details)
- Wien Manuscipts :

(Ms dtail)

List of all known manuscripts and publications
Witness accounts   Some of the accounts handed down to us
Literatur - Informations of the sources used to create this site and list of works dealing with S.L.Weiss
Record catalog   The exceptional catalog of the recording of Peter van Dessel
The story of a rediscovery   A little history of how S.L. Weiss was rediscovered
Links   List of links concerning S.L.Weiss, lute composers, the lute...
The story of a web page   How I came about create this site
Aknowledgments   Those who have helped (and still do) to make this site better
I need your help   Call for help to further my research of info on S.L.Weiss
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